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Say Hello To Uniseeker!

Say Hello to Uniseeker!


SO you're a student. Happily out of high school, studying for a degree and looking forward to making your life more and more about your own choices. You know you have a lot to learn, but there are some things you are quite sure about. You are sure that you want to be good at what you do, you are sure you want to succeed. You are sure you want to learn as much as you can, you know that your study years are important time and you want to make them count.


Whichever your study field, you somehow came to think that studying outside of your home country would benefit you - for the experience, new contacts, new horizons, all the valuable insights and comparisons...


Maybe you even spent a semester or two abroad on Erasmus or other program and want more, maybe for some reason the student mobility programs don't work for you, or maybe you actually like to do things a bit more your way.


So you start looking for the right school in a foreign country... And at this moment you have two options: one is (if you tried you know this) : Hours of reading through the schools' websites to find application dates, admission requirements, tuition fees, information about credits transfer... A zillion of emails with offices of the schools to find out what you couldn't find on the website... Scanning social media accounts of the schools to find out about the school, student life, connections with local institutions... Trying to find the right accommodation in a city you don't really know...


The other option is Uniseeker. You can find all the important information just by ticking the fields that interest you in our search form. (Currently, we have 27 categories to tick fields in!) You then get a list of institutions with study programs that match your selection. You can read the institution's profile card and the study program profile card. You can even proceed to filling in the application directly via Uniseeker website. All in one place. Tick tick tick done.


We created Uniseeker because we've been there. We know the endless emailing everywhere and hours of reading websites. We realized there's no good enough service available to everyone and everywhere to help with this load of work. So we came up with our own solution. We want to save your time for better things.

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