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5 Reasons To Study Abroad

5 Reasons To Study Abroad


Are you the type who is looking forward to challenging your foreign language skills, or the type that thinks "Oh boy, I have to look at those irregular verbs again,"? Either way, maybe we have some fresh perspectives for you. Tell us what you think!


So what we think (actually, we know!) you can get from studying abroad:


1. Improving Your Languages. Most of the so-called "language barrier" is a mix of a lack of practice with the language and a lack of confidence because of a lack of practice... When you really need to communicate something to others, you forget about what you think of your skills, you will simply talk, you'll see :)


2. Becoming Good At Making Friends, being friendly all the time, because why not! The international university atmosphere brings that so easily. There are so many differences between the students who happen to share a study program abroad that it's actually easier to focus on what there is in common, the reason everyone came in the first place: everyone wants to follow their interests, dreams, everyone wants to learn, everyone wants to make friends... And if you just take that setup further and use it in whatever you study, you will get:


3. Learning to Network Naturally. Coming to a new place is not "just" making new friends, it's all kinds and purposes of communications and interacting. There are many courses and lectures trying to teach how to network efficiently. If you realize that it's simply about interacting, that you just need your brain, intuition, and opportunities - then you can really learn a lot (and completely for free B) ).


4. Learning to Present Oneself, and get a lot of practice in that, too. In a new place you will need to let people, be it students or teachers, know who you are. Again, a real situation will employ your intuition and you will soon get really good at another thing before you know it. Do you prefer to have learned this before you enter your career?


5. Knowing how to Treat People. If you study and spend time together with people from all around the world, tolerance for different ethnicities, religions, lifestyles becomes natural, automatic - and that is a huge advantage when you interact with people in any way. Because you are used to respecting them, they will respect you back.


See, there’s a lot you can learn at a university abroad for free :) We are going to focus on the benefits of studying abroad from time to time. But anyway, can you add something? Tell us!



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